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There are 2 ways to become your own boss at Sirius Day Spa. Each path has its own opportunities to build the Sirius Day Spa brand.


For those interested in growing the Sirius Day Spa brand on a broader level, the Regional Developer role may be the business opportunity to pursue. A Regional Developer is an individual or group who secures the rights to a specific geographical area with the sole intent and purpose to develop Sirius Day Spas in that territory by recruiting qualified franchisees and providing them ongoing support and coaching with assistance from the franchisor.


As a Sirius Day Spa Franchise Partner you will own a business with unlimited potential in the growing $17 billion dollar a year spa market. You will receive support from the corporate team as well as your Regional Developer. Prior to opening, you will receive guides, manuals, and hands-on training to fully prepare you to run your Sirius Day Spa. Intelligent entrepreneurs buy franchises for the model, the systems, and the people behind the brand, and here at Sirius Day Spa, we deliver on all three aspects with a team that has built successful franchises many times over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regional Developer FAQs

What is a Regional Developer?

Regional Developers (RD's) develop their region. This means that they are responsible for selling franchises, assisting their franchisees open, and continually supporting them thereafter.

How Does One Become a Regional Developer?

Regional developers pre-purchase a certain amount of licenses at a discounted rate. The amount of licenses are determined by how many locations can be supported according to market demographics and territory knowledge. This number can range anywhere from 10 to 25 locations, depending on the market. A region is typically an entire state unless you are in a market like CA, TX, NY, or any other highly populated area, in which a state will be split into multiple regions.

How Much is the Investment?

The investment can range anywhere from $98,775 to $280,725. A break down of the investment can be seen here.

How Does an RD Make Money?

Regional Developers make money in two ways. First, they get a portion of the franchise fee for every franchise they sell in their region. Second, and most important, they receive a portion of the royalty fee from every spa in their region.

What are the Qualifications to be an RD?

Sirius Day Spa looks for people with high business accumen and management skills. RD's have a difficult but fulfilling task as they have to manage entrepreneurs like them who often expect the best support. It can help if you have been in franchising before, but an entrepreneur new to franchising can thrive as well, with the right drive.

Franchisee FAQs

What Does a Franchisee Do?

Franchisees own and operate their Sirius Day Spa(s). They are responsible for living the dream of being in business for yourself, all while having a national brand to represent and be supported by.

How Does One Become a Franchisee?

Franchisees must purchase a certain number of franchise licenses by paying a franchise fee for each. It is often recommended that franchisees purchase multiple franchises to leverage their employees and developed infrastructure to manage several locations at once. Upon signing, a franchisee will follow the opening process starting by finding a location and then buildout out the retail space. A franchisee will be thoroughly trained to operate under brand standards.

How Much is the Investment?

The franchise investment can range anywhere from $477,950 to $698,750. A break down of the investment can be seen here. *THIRD PARTY FINANCING AVAILABLE

How Does a Franchisee Make Money?

Franchisees make money via the sale of memberships, retail, gift card, service, and upgrades that are sold in their spa.

What are the Qualifications to be a Franchisee?

Just like a Regional Developer, a franchisee is somebody with high business accumen and management skills. Franchisees must also manage an entire team underneath them from spa managers, sales associates, estheticians, massage therapists, and cosmetolegists. The common saying in franchising is that a franchisee will be as successful as they try to be. Owning your own business requires a lot of work and therefore, Sirius Day Spa looks for those people who have the drive to succeed.


Sirius Day Spa is a national day spa franchise that provides luxury spa services at an affordable price.

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